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In today's technology-driven world, every business problem has a legal implication, and every legal issue has business consequences. As the cost of doing business increases and lawyers are being asked to do more for less, more companies and their counsel are rethinking the way they create value for clients.

LexInnova helps innovative companies and their counsel to improve quality, drive profitability, and enhance client value through outsourced management of legal matters.

LexInnova combines technical expertise, legal insight, and project management, to act as an extension of your legal team and improve the quality, efficiency, and end-results of routinized and technical aspects of legal matters. An integrated team of lawyers, technologists, scientists and legal project managers work as an extension of your legal team to ensure positive legal outcomes with a centralized approach and streamlined processes.

With LexInnova, you get real-time access to your projects, centralized access to technical experts, and confidence in a team that is always striving for the best.

For Corporations:

Across intellectual property analytics, litigation, and corporate services, we provide centralized solutions that can improve the results you deliver and significantly reduce your legal spend.

For Law firms:

We provide patent litigation and eDiscovery services that enable you to expand the types of matters you handle and scale your platform to handle cases of any size and complexity.

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LexInnova’s landscape reports published on WIPO

WIPO recently recognized and published LexInnova's technology landscape reports on their website.

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LexInnova Achieves ISO 27001:2005 Certification

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E-Discovery Post

The LexInnova E-Discovery Post contains news and happenings from the world of electronic discovery, curated by LexInnova's e-discovery experts.

The LexInnova Post

December 2014

Software-Defined Networking has been one of the most talked about topics in the field of networking in recent times. It is a new approach to designing, building and managing the configuration of network devices. The traditional approach of networking has largely been hardware centric and the functionality is implemented in the network devices i.e. gateways, switches and routers. These traditional networks require human efforts to administer the hardware configuration process, which is rigid and inefficient. In addition to the management of network devices, the routing decisions are taken at individual devices which may not have information about the global status of network, this often results in sub-optimal routing decisions. A promising solution to these problems is switching to software-defined networks, in which the required configuration and management of the devices can be done through a software interface.

In this report, we study the technological landscape of this fast growing technology from an Intellectual Property (Patents) perspective.